Saturday, October 10, 2009

Concerning the FTC's endorsement ruling.

Great news, if you receive a free copy of the latest video game and post a positive review of that game on your personal blog without revealing that you got the game free of charge, you could be guilty of ad fraud, according to new guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission.

While the FTC is simply trying to protect the consumer (I suppose), not everyone is happy about it. Click here, here, and here.

Sometimes, I get stuff sent to me for review without asking. If it's useful, I ask the vendor if I may continue to use it. Sometimes, they say yes, sometimes they ask for a reduced fee, and sometimes they ask for the full retail price. Other times, I pay full price for an item, then decide to review it. Once in a while, I pass along links to interesting items that I haven't seen.

But, now ... I'll have to give a disclaimer for each review or get fined. Ouch.

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