Tuesday, May 27, 2008

quick fix with self blends

One of the things that photography students are taught is to correctly light the subject matter, thus saving time later by not having to fix the shot in Photoshop. But, when you are not the photographer ... what do you do?

Forensic Photography classes are becoming more popular these days. Proper placement and choice of light sources is a key topic within these classes. But what do you do if you aren't the photographer and you received images that need some work? Is there a quick way to bring out the detail in this image and reveal the tyre track? Of course there is ...

With the Forensic Photoshop workflow as your guide, begin working this image as any other, addressing focus and any global colour issues. Then address the local colours to bring out the detail of the tracks.

In this case, a Color Burn self blend can be employed to drive up contrast. Remember, Color Burn lightens the whites and darkens the blacks. Follow this up with a Curves adjustment to fine-tune this contrast enhancement and the details really jump off of the screen.

In just a few seconds of work, you'll have brought out the details in this image. And, you can save the results of the Curves adjustment for use in any other images that may have come with this one ... speeding up your work even more.

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