Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Computer Forensics Seminar

This was sent in by a reader of the blog. Many thanks for sharing this with us.

Panel of Experts.
You'll hear a panel of distinguished experts, with over 30 years of combined experience in the field of computer forensics, talk about the current challenges and opportunities in their field. They will also discuss why the Mac is their preferred choice for doing this type of work. 

The panel includes:
  • Detective Mark Honken, L.A. County Sheriff's Department. Forensics investigator and member of the Southern California Hi-Tech Task Force
  • Marko Kostyrko, CEO of Subrosasoft. Developer of tools for law enforcement such as MacForensicsLab and MacLockPick
  • Derrick Donnelly, CTO of BlackBag Technologies. Developer, trainer, expert witness, former Canadian Law Enforcement Officer (computer crime)
Best Practices, Tips and Tricks
You'll learn recommended procedures, best practices, and tips and tricks for undertaking a forensics examination

You'll Learn:
  • How to perform triage at a crime scene to capture evidence
  • How to prepare for a forensics examination and protect the integrity of the evidence
  • How to use several tools to identify and capture evidence from a suspect system
  • How Mac OS X Leopard provides unique and powerful capabilities for forensics examinations
Who should watch:
Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Security-focused I.T. Professionals who perform computer forensics and e-discovery examinations

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