Friday, May 23, 2008

electronic copies of the book?

At a recent class, members of my local Sheriff's Dept. played a nice practical joke on me, handing me a disk that contained "my book." My facial expression said enough as what little colour I have drained out of my face. Thankfully, the disk was blank.

I have had a few requests for electronic copies of the book. I am, however, reluctant to produce something that is so easily pirated. I feel a little vindicated (in my decision not to do an e-version) by David Pogue, my favourite NY Times writer, in his latest article. Pogue is also the author of several "Missing Manuals," including the "Switching to Mac" manual that I used as an aid in dumping my HP.

Besides, you already have a free resource ... this blog.


Andyroo said...

My suggestion is to embed their credit card details in the first page of their copy of your ebook, should you ever go that way. That ought to help! :-)

Jim Hoerricks said...

Sadly, I don't think this would stop the looters from stealing the content and re-distributing it.

Just yesterday, I found a site that is offering "free" downloads of George's book, as well as others. When I sent the link to him, he mentioned that there have been other attempts to pirate his book.