Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Office Decorating

I'm getting ready to move into an new office. What a perfect time to discuss office decorating tips.

The office, as it sits now, is painted with a warm gray, with hints of red/burgundy. This was probably matched to the burgundy carpet, which is well worn. The lighting is cheap fluorescent. There are no windows. What a nightmare for trying to calibrate equipment and perform any colour correction.

First stop: paint.

I chose Rosco's TV Black paint for the walls. TV Black is a rich matte black which has a reflectance value of only 3%. There won't be much colour spill or bounce coming from the walls after a few coats of this stuff.

Next stop: lighting.

I am switching off the ceiling lights and replacing them with a few Torchiere lamps. I found these to be perfect for my new office; full spectrum, 5500K, long lasting, flicker free, and includes a dimmer. I also found this one for my desk. In this way, I can control the source/direction of the light as well as temperature and brightness. If you want to skip the floor lamps, you can also get full spectrum fluorescent bulbs from this company. 

What about that burgundy carpet?

I found these at IKEA, inexpensive and nice black throw rugs. A few of these, well placed, should do the trick.

So, for less than a thousand dollars, I can take my regular office and turn it into a colour neutral design suite.


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