Friday, February 22, 2008

Forensic Photoshop to pull the plug on Windows?

Frequent readers of this space will remember the stellar service that I received from HP when my laptop died. Amazingly enough, that case is still open - not having been completely resolved.

In spite of frequent calls and e-mails, I just couldn't get them to agree to abide by the terms spelled out in the service contract that they sold me.

So ... early this morning ... I logged on to the Apple Store and bough a MacBook Pro. This is just the first step in the purge - after over a decade with DEC/Compaq/HP. Soon, my whole business will be run on Macs again (I initially switched when they stopped selling/supporting the PowerMac 9600 - oh how I loved that machine).

As I transition, I'll be using Parallels to bring all of my old laptop's stuff into my new Mac. If anyone has experience in using Parallels Transporter, I'd be interested to hear about your opinions on settings, pitfalls, successes, and etc.

Thanks again for your support and have a great weekend.


Buy your copy of Forensic Photoshop today.

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Kit Grose said...

While Parallels is a fine piece of software, I can't help but give a vote to VMware Fusion instead; it's a far better Mac citizen and gives better OS integration.

Although to be fair, I only use VM tools to virtualise the Boot Camp partition (so I'm only installing Windows once), rather than a virtual disk image.

Congratulations on the switch; I love my MBP and I'm sure you will too.