Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Drive-by clarifications

Sometimes I like to cruise around the blogger universe to see what sort of images are out there in need of help. I came across this charming shot of a young lad and a snowman. Being a dad, these always get to me.

The original shot of the young lad and the snow man.

The lad is a bit hidden in shadow and there is a slight cast to the shot. You will find, also, that the focus needs some attention. So, I brought the shot into focus and re-mapped the black and white points in Curves.

The shot after the Forensic Photoshop treatment.

The elements in the image are much clearer now. The snowman is white again and the shadow is largely gone - revealing the lad's details. You also get a clearer sense of the clay pot being used for a hat. Check out the before / after shot below.


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