Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Interesting web site: plug-ins for VirtualDub

I was doing some research to answer a reader's question and stumbled across this website, the Graphics and Media Lab of Moscow State University.

Here are some of the titles of the research found on their site:

Video Compression
In this field our works and main interests are video quality evaluation, codecs testing, analysis and tuning, lossless compression. Projects:
- Objective comparison of H.264 video codecs
- Subjective Assessment of Video Quality
- Objective Metrics of Video Quality
- Lossless Video Compression
- Subjective Comparison of Video Codecs

And this interesting page, Converting Video to High Resolution Photo.

I did end up finding what I was looking for, plug-in filters for VirtualDub, specifically, a de-interlacing filter. Turns out, the one that I was looking for is only available by commercial license (not free).

With the economy constantly in the news, combined with a weakening US dollar, I am not surprised that many law enforcement agencies are looking to freeware to help with their case work. VirtualDub seems to be a popular choice for working with digital video.


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Anonymous said...

As for free or low cost, I've had surprisingly good results with Video Enhancer 1.7 and EnhanceMovie 2.2. Under $50 each I think. VirtualDub will also work in a pinch for free. Lots of free plugins for it also.