Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DVR question answered

A question came up today, "where can I find information about a specific player for this DVR recording?" Good question. Here's a good answer.

By now, the DVR flip book (aka Best Practices for the Retrieval of Video Evidence from Digital CCTV Systems) has been distributed to over 20 countries. I am proud to have been a small part of its creation. I have also had the pleasure of both hosting and co-hosting training on Video Evidence Retrieval through NaTIA. When speaking on the topic of digital CCTV evidence, I always mention this great source of information, Larry A. Compton Studios.

Larry's site is the go-to place for information on proprietary file types. I've been happy to help add to his list. But wait, there's more ... included on his site are links to helpful free programs ... like GSpot, a codec information appliance.

File types with extensions like .60d and .dmi won't play in Windows Media Player. They need to be matched with their players in order to work. If you've received a disc with a bunch of proprietary digital video files on it and no information about where it came from, check out Larry's site.


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