Thursday, June 19, 2014

RTFM solves Omnivore issue

Every once and a while, we have to be reminded to RTFM.

I had a piece of DME that had a weird codec from a company that has long since closed its doors. It has audio, which is more important than the video. Omnivore was going fine for a bit, then started dumping frames like crazy. I have a few Omnivores, so I tried each one. Same issue. So, I tried different computers. Same issue. Then, a helpful voice reminded me to RTFM. It turns out that Windows Aero was getting in the way of a proper capture - the fix to which is found in the Omnivore-Guide.pdf which is on the Omnivore.

Right click on the desktop and select Personalize.

Choose one of the basic themes - like Windows Classic.

This solved my problem.

So, if you're having Optimization or Capture problems on Windows 7, check your Personalization settings - or RTFM.

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