Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mismatched parts problem

What happens to the video when you take this DVR mated to this camera at the wrong record setting? Do you remember how much aspect ratio was drilled into you during the LEVA Level 1?

The camera delivers what is effectively a 720x480 signal to the DVR. The DVR is, in this case, set to record WD1 ... which for this manufacturer (North America) means 960x480. OOPS! The DVR stretches the signal to fit the record dimensions. Not good.

Initially, the investigator thought that the video was just being stretched by the wide aspect monitor. But, further analysis revealed the stretch was happening to the recorded video. Remember, don't take things at face value.

I'm pointing this out as many DVR manufacturers are adding support for WD1. They're making YouTube videos showing just how cool their recorders are ... but really they're illustrating how their recorders distort the incoming signal.

This is an easy fix in FIVE, or any other software. But, if you don't know that it's broken, you won't know to fix it.


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