Wednesday, June 4, 2014

LEEDIR Certified

Your humble host is now LEEDIR Certified.

Having sat through the training, I see LEEDIR as extending the concept of LEVA's IRIT beyond LEVA's group of Avid trained analysts. If someone has never seen the LEEDIR platform (or is not an FVA), they can be up and running with LEEDIR in less than two hours. If you've never worked on an Avid MC, you're not going to be very helpful to the IRIT.

For standard video/image formats, it's very easy to use and works great. It doesn't (yet) support proprietary video. But for those nasty proprietary files with known players, an Omnivore or VideoScanner 2 will do nicely for low cost screen captures. For the next instance, it would be much cheaper to ship a bunch of USB sticks out to the troops vs. shipping a bunch of FVAs to U Indy. Amped's user community could also be leveraged (via Citizen Global's cloud storage) for those files that have no player and need conversion.

With all the moving parts, the LEEDIR platform helps keep everything on one page - literally.

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Batman said...

Hey Jim, thanks for the tip. I just got LEEDIR Certified today. The Amped training has been paying huge dividends already, by the way. Just cracked a high profile kidnapping case and it's all because of your training. You are the man, my friend. Hope you are well.