Friday, July 19, 2013

Verifeyed still not verified

About a year ago, I tested Verifeyed and found that it wasn't an appropriate solution for authenticating images from social media (see this post).

Since I last tested Verifeyed, they've changed it up a bit ... but not much.

Probably as a response to a discussion in a group at LinkedIn, I was offered a chance to try Verifeyed again (though I was told that this was/is a rare event as they don't have trial version of their software).

After a frustrating week of finding that not much had changed other than the UI, I sent them some of my test images to authenticate. As before, they were from my Facebook page. Here's the response from their support team: "To summarize, Verifeyed is not an appropriate software to analyze photos of the kind you shared with us. We recommend to use Verifeyed only on photos captured by today’s cameras."

Thus, given Verifeyed's high price, the things it actually does, and the lack of a trial version, I would say that FourMatch is a better choice for trying to authenticate images that come directly from "today's cameras." FourMatch is about half the price of Verifeyed, runs within Photoshop (which you should already own/rent), and they offer a trial.

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