Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Florida Says "Good-Bye Frye" & "Hello Daubert"

This just in from the BullsEye blog: "Say hello to a whole new expert era in Florida. After nearly a century of utilizing the Frye standard to evaluate the admissibility of expert witness testimony, on July 1 a new law adopting the federal Daubert standard came into effect across Florida state courts.

The July 1 date is a momentous one for those who rely on the use of expert witness testimony in Florida state courts, as it signals a major evidentiary shift related to the use and admissibility of expert testimony in Florida. Signed into law on June 5th by Gov. Rick Scott as HB 7015, the law officially abolishes the long-standing Frye standard in Florida, replacing it with the federal court’s more rigorous Daubert standard.

Florida’s adoption of the federal Daubert standard for admissibility means big expert witness changes for that state are on the horizon. Implementation of the Daubert standard will impose greater hurdles for the admission of expert testimony in Florida state courts, affecting attorneys, experts, parties, and even judges ..."

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