Monday, July 15, 2013

DAC acquires Salient Stills

While I usually refrain from publishing press releases, this one gets an exception.

BOSTON, July 15, 2013 – Salient Stills, a leader in video forensics and image enhancement, today announced it has been acquired by Digital Audio Corporation (DAC), a leading supplier of forensic audio clarification tools. DAC will sell, support and offer training for Salient Stills’ VideoFOCUS PRO and VFSource systems. Salient Stills CEO and President Laura Teodosio and CTO Jeff Hunter will join DAC, and continue their market and product development.

“We’ve been considering strategic acquisitions for several years, and Salient Stills is the perfect complement to our existing products,” said Donald Tunstall, President and General Manager of DAC. “Together, we can more seamlessly meet the unique video and audio forensics challenges of our shared customer base in the law enforcement, homeland security, and defense sectors.”

“DAC is the ideal home for our technology and customers, and this acquisition ensures that our products will continue to evolve,” said Teodosio, of Salient Stills. “The combination of our forensics technologies also enables DAC to offer the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive toolset available.”

VideoFOCUS Pro captures and exports video from videotape, CCTV systems, digital video cameras, cell phones and proprietary DVR formats, and generates higher resolution stills and videos. DAC’s CARDINAL forensic audio processor seamlessly handles forensic analysis and processing of all analog and digital media. DAC will be exhibiting these products in booth #812 at the NATIA conference this week in Memphis, TN.

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