Monday, July 8, 2013

re4 file problems solved

So it's back to work after an extended holiday. First off, a disc with an .re4 file. Thanks to Larry, I can get the link to download a player ... but the player offers no export other than still images. My options? Omnivore, which is a slower than real time solution for this particular file's 16 cameras. Or, Amped FIVE.

FIVE opened the file using the DVR Change Container to AVI function. It's now just a big multplexed AVI file. Then, a quick demux, select the appropriate camera, trim to select just the part of the scene containing the relevant footage, and output to AVI. Once the footage has been demuxed, it's as easy as selecting the next relevant camera view, trim, and output. All in all, a very fast option indeed.

So, for those files that use "normal" video codecs wrapped in a proprietary container, FIVE is the fast option for getting a usable clip.


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