Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kinesense Player Manager

Even though the company is headquartered on the wrong side of the Irish Sea (Scots Wha Hae), the folks at Kinesense have come out with an interesting new product, the Kinesense Player Manager.

According to Kinesense, "PlayerManager comes preloaded with a database with information on 100s of players and file formats but also allows you to bulk import your own collection of players, add and search tags and information specific to your force and region, and export that library to synchronize multiple PCs. PlayerManager also comes with a complete copy of the Kinesense Vid-ID database to help identify file formats when you don’t have an internet connection."

For centrally managed police IT departments, this is a huge (and welcome) addition to our toolbox. Imagine being able to push players to all investigators' desktops as new ones come up. This could also work well at offices of District / State Attorneys and Public Defenders - or private FVA labs.

It's nice to see people thinking of ways to make our lives easier. If you're not familiar with Kinesense, you should check them out soon.

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