Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FVA in American Cop Magazine

This just in from American Cop Magazine: "... Video capabilities are of special concern to street cops and investigators. This is one area which can make or break your case in the first 24 hours and is one of the greatest investigative tools we have, but unless you can get it right away, it has less worth to the investigator. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still valuable to the case, as defense attorneys really hate to see their buck-toothed, mouth-breathing client’s smiling face as he shoves a cheap chrome revolver in the store clerk’s face and announces, “give me the money.” Street cops and detectives need to use that video evidence to make a quick arrest, get the cretin off the street and protect the public from the danger these people pose.

What if a street cop, investigator or crime scene investigator could run to the station or to their laptop in the car, plug a USB drive or CD into a department Windows PC based computer and evaluate video evidence to see if it’s viable for enhancement and even enhance the video right on the spot? Now, that’s what you’d call a real investigative tool. It would be instant gratification to be able to pull out a face obscured by shadows and say, “Hey, that’s little Aloysius Farnsworth MacGillacutty, that little slime-ball hangs out over on Rose and Spruce. Let’s go snatch him up and ruin his day.”

If your department has Amped Five Software available, you just might be able to do exactly that ..."

The word's getting out about forensic video analysis - even in the mainstream LE press. How cool is that?!

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