Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kinesense Player Manager - a closer look

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Kinesense Player Manager. Today, I want to show you a few of the highlights of this cool new program.

Visual people will love the fact that you can see a snapshot of what the player looks like. Player Manager's left most tab/panel presents you with a list of the players installed or present on your system. You can search for others on your system or discs, and you can import new ones through the interface. It'll tell you where it is on your system ... and ... what file types are associated with the player.

When you get a disc and you're not sure about what player will be needed for the files on the disc, simply search for the player based on the file type. Here, I've searched for .60d ... and it correctly returned the QuickWave player. Remember, this is on your computer ... it's searching for players on your computer ... not over the internet.

And ... how cool is this ... you no longer have to be embarrassed to say that you use GSpot. Player Manager will give you codec information and potential sources to find the codec installer on the web. Just point it at a file and it does the work for you.

Kinesense Player Manager is a cool new product that's worth a look. I think you'll be impressed.

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