Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DVD copy as best evidence

This just in from the UK's David Thorne: "... When we examined the individual archive files we found that whilst the player was displaying the pink screen it had not displayed the last few frames from the end of the archive. It was also discovered that there was a gap between the actual last frame of the archive and the start of the next archive. These gaps differed in length between each archive from 0.4 and 41.40 seconds which suggested that the system was set to record using motion detection and once triggered it then recorded for a set time and then stopped not starting again until motion was detected.

This meant that the chronology of events was distorted dependant on the delay between recordings. And if that wasn’t enough we found that the compression format used for converting of the screen capture to the DVD format had not converted all of the unique frames thus meaning that even more of the original frames were missing from the DVD. The DVD format also changes the detail in the images but I’ll save that for another time.

There is no suggestion that this was done deliberately to hide material but it was certainly misleading and could have, if allowed to go to court, been damaging to the case ..."

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