Friday, December 10, 2010

Techno Forensics Conference Expands to Encompass Crime Scene and Photography/Video Sessions

DFI News Digital Forensic Investigator® and TheTrainingCo.,LLC announced today that in conjunction with partnering to produce the 7th annual “Techno Forensics Conference,” the 2011 conference will debut a track specifically devoted to Forensics industry professionals with highlighted focus on photo/video forensics and crime scene investigation and evidence collection. Joining together the Digital Forensic and Forensic communities reflects the crossover apparent today within a wide range of forensic and digital disciplines. This annual event brings together key stakeholders from industry, academia and government in an effort to strengthen this important technology, research, and communication bridge.

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“The conference will provide critical cross-industry learning and valuable new business partnership and networking opportunities. This is where to find knowledge, contacts and business.” said Patrick Murphy, CEO Vicon Publishing, a New Hampshire-based global leader in business-to-business media publications including DFI News Digital Forensic Investigator® and Forensic Magazine®. “Attendees include international leaders from public and private sectors in over 40 countries worldwide as well as luminaries bringing critical new intelligence including the National Institute of Justice.”

“Emerging technologies and applications are affecting the way industry experts interact with one another and the inter-dependencies loom large” said Donald Withers, CEO, TheTrainingCo. “This conference provides a perfect opportunity to present useful information and techniques designed to assist digital investigative and forensic professionals in day-to-day practice.”

The “Techno Forensics Conference” will be held on October 31 and November 1, 2011 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center located at 2101 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, SC.

The conference will highlight a series of track presentations, live demonstrations, and industry experts.

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