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Thursday, December 23, 2010

PercepTool2 - first looks

I had some spare time this morning, being the holiday and all, so my able assistant and I went around the ranch looking for tyre and boot marks. We found a few likely candidates and set up our shoot - Fujifilm IS-1, tripod, Whibal card, and etc. After shooting from 2 stops under - 2 stops over (each scenario) I loaded the files into Bridge - then into Photoshop CS5 as Layers.

Using both the HDR/Align and Equalizer functions in PercepTool2 ... and be prepared to wait a while, this is very CPU intensive stuff (my Mac's almost 3 years old now) ... I was quite satisfied with the initial results.

Right out of the camera, the RAW file is flat and uninteresting. Using PercepTool2, I was able to really bring out the details of the tread whilst adding a bit of punch. The included instructions are very easy to understand and follow (RTFM). The presets in Equalizer make perfect sense.

My initial impressions of this inexpensive plug-in are that evidence and forensic photographers are going to want a copy.

To be continued ...


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