Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HDR in forensic imaging

I wanted to pass along a quote from a noted image scientist on HDR's role in forensic imaging.

"HDR is a big deal. Too many people think it is an "exotic" kind of imaging, but in reality what we're trying to do is suppress large dynamic range while emphasizing details in a believable manner. With forensics, the limitation on believability isn't quite as important (we need to show that something is there, not necessarily that it looks nice, too.)"

I recognise that HDR is a big deal. That's why I'm excited about PerceptTool2, both conceptually and in practice. I think it will push forensic photographers and analysts towards thinking of mastery - towards getting as much detail out of a scene as possible and presenting it in such a way that it will positively effect the telling of the story.


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