Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The science of lightness perception - part 2

In continuing to set the stage for my review of the new PercepTool2, and realising that many don't yet have George DeWolfe's Book, B&W Printing, I'm going to present some of George's glossary terms in this and the next few posts.

George notes that many of the words that he uses have additional meanings in other contexts, but are used here as they relate to the science of lightness perception. I'll present the basic information. Readers are encouraged to get George's book in order to dive into the details.

Constancy: refers to brightness constancy.

Depth cues: edge patterns used by the brain to detect depth.

Distal stimulus: the physical environment or object photographed.

Framework: a basic structure used to define and group visual elements such as highlights, shadows, midtones, depth indicators, and edges.

To be continued ...


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