Monday, May 10, 2010

Tennessee Flood - Lend a hand

There hasn't been that much, if any, national coverage of the devastation in Nashville and the surrounding areas in Tennessee. Country singer/song writer has released a new song to help raise funds for the recovery effort - and you can download it for free. It's called Lend a Hand.

I'm always amazed at what gets covered and what doesn't. Since this tragedy has been off the media's radar, I thought that I'd do my part to raise the awareness. John Rich's web site has details on how to contribute to the relief effort, if you feel moved to do so.

I can remember when a large earthquake leveled half of my hometown one morning during my senior year in high school. My family's home was thrown from its foundation ... walls buckled and roof collapsed. That old Quaker town came together and got through the worst of it - neighbour helping neighbour. My Dad lead the effort to re-build our house, with all of our family pitching in to help.

Neighbour helping neighbour - that's how it should be done. I'll do my part. Will you do yours?

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Howard said...

Thanks for posting this Jim. As an investigator living in Nashville, it has been painful to watch the havoc wreaked by the unprecedented rain we got, and the Music City icons it affected. Handson Nashville has been recruiting volunteers (we are in the Volunteer state afterall) and the Red Cross and other agencies are helping folks get things back in order.