Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AIR- Tight! The Photographer's Ephemeris

From Eva LaMar @ Adobe:

"Plan your sunlight and moonlight in your next outdoors photo shoot!!

As a photographer I love to work with natural light, even the moonlight! The Photographer's Ephemeris is a fantastic Adobe AIR tool to help with the planning of exact location, sunlight and moonlight. The Photographer's Ephemeris, TPE, allows me to determine if the sun and/or moon will be visible behind a hill, mountain, or other outdoor feature.

The map-centric sun and moon calculator is easy to read. It clearly shows how the light will fall on the location as well as exact locations of the sun and moon at a specific time and day. Yes, I can plan for a photo shoot months ahead of time.

What I like best about the map-based interface is that I can save a series of exact locations and times; I am not limited to just one or two locations. I can search anywhere on the planet and save it to my personalized list of places. How can I use this in education?

TPE is free, is easy to run because of Adobe AIR, and takes just a few minutes to learn. It has a direct correlation to geography in context of photography and expands the digital tools available to photographers. TPE's power is in the ability to explore multiple locations and time periods at one time. It takes away the guesswork and allows the photographer to focus on what they do best.

It is now not only an AIR application for a computer, but it is also available as an App for my iPhone. While the iPhone App does not have all of the tools as the AIR app, it is quite similar.

Visit Steven Trailor's TPE website to learn more!"


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