Friday, May 14, 2010

DSI-Las Vegas

This just in from the organizers of DSI-Las Vegas:

"The Las Vegas Metro Police Department Forensic Multimedia Lab is the co-sponsor of the Digital Summit International (DSI-Vegas) educational conference to be held this August 17-19. DSI will offer all attendees the opportunity to learn and work with technologies for all types of digital evidence - from video, audio, cell phones, and cameras, to data acquisition, image enhancement, and digital asset management. There will also be educational presentations and hands-on workshops led by working experts in Video and Audio Forensic Analysis, Digital Photography, Multimedia Investigations, and Digital Laboratory Management. We will also be offering tours of casino surveillance operations and hands-on workshops in digital evidence recovery, and the opportunity to preview the newest technology and services from leading providers in the DSI Exhibit Hall.

For any of you involved with the capture, retrieval, enhancement, storage, or dissemination of digital information, and the subsequent investigation from these types of evidence, I want to invite you to this year’s conference being held here in Las Vegas. We believe this is truly the first conference if its kind, designed specifically for individuals that specialize in these disciplines, and have never had the opportunity to be exposed to such a wide variety of information specifically related to our field.

I know that we are all suffering from the horrid economy and budget cuts, so any training offered has to have a huge bang for the buck. This educational conference has an enormous amount of expert speakers and highly respected industry leaders in all facets of digital investigations. The cost of this conference is all inclusive, which means no additional charges for workshops, tours, or any other special sessions. Additionally, for those of you attending outside the local area and in need of accommodations, costs and room charges are a fraction of what they would be anywhere else in the country.

Please take a look at our web site at and see everything this conference has to offer.

As a bonus for fellow law enforcement attendees, if you type in the code A1 when registering, you will save $25.00 off the registration fee."

I'll see you there.


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