Friday, April 30, 2010

So much to like about CS5

From Adobe's Installation and Licensing blog:

"Some of our biggest accomplishments are:
• A new licensing architecture. We should be much more robust and forgiving of error conditions. We also no longer have the same binding to the hardware that we had before for activation. Although we have the same activation policy in general, simple hardware changes like switching out a new hard drive shouldn't result in an increased activation count.
• A completely rewritten updater. After all the negative feedback on previous incarnations of AUM we've scrapped the implementation and built one that we hope will be much more appropriate for our users. Update checks are scheduled events. The patch technology is exactly the same as the installer technology and so should be more robust. And an entirely new UI to provide more information about the patch and more flexibility in managing patches is now available. The same sorts of configuration options as CS4 are available (i.e. you can turn the whole updater off if you want.)
• Addressed some of the top customer call generators for CS4. We've fixed 8 of the 10 top tech support call generators. The other two are outside the area of installation and licensing."

I know that for me the new licensing architecture is huge ... I can't tell you how many hard drive upgrades I've been through.


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