Monday, April 5, 2010

How safe is your storage?

From CCTV Image Magazine:

"Video storage is like a vault: you expect your data to be safe inside but circumstances – and worse yet – system design can conspire against you, leaving you sitting high and dry when you need your footage most. We take a look at some of the technologies and ask how safe it is.

There's nothing simple about digital storage. The manufacturer, installer or specifier who tells you that you don’t need to worry about storage either doesn’t under- stand what they’re talking about or is trying to keep you from asking too many awkward questions.

That’s the message that we got from speak- ing to three manufacturers of storage systems: Veracity UK Ltd, Promise Technology Inc. and Intransa Inc. These three companies specialise in digital storage for video surveil- lance.

According to them, storing video surveillance data is a unique challenge, unlike any other IT storage requirement. To appreciate the challenges, first you have to understand a little bit about storage technology.

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