Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Profile Based Lens Correction coming in ACR 6

Photographers will love the improvements in ACR 6, which is part of the upgrade to CS5. One of the really cool features will be profile based lens correction - handling things like geometric distortion and chromatic aberration. The key to the technology actually working - and when it does it's a real time saver - is having the correct profile for the lens (Canon, Nikon, Sigma, and etc.).

Before you ask, I don't think Adobe spent much time with the CCTV lens vendors to get profiles built of that 15 year old 4mm lens that you found at your crime scene.

That being said, if your lens is not found in the default load, not to worry. Adobe's Tom Hogarty writes, "A handful of lens profiles will be provided by default and a Lens Profile Creator Utility will be posted on Adobe Labs allowing photographers to create their own lens profiles using a simple procedure."


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