Monday, December 28, 2009

TMZ and an old photo create a stir

TMZ ran with this story this morning on a "JFK" photo that could have changed history. It got updated later in the afternoon.

It's an interesting study in how the media deals with "experts" and how the public reacts ... it was disturbing reading the over 20 pages of comments. The funny thing ... with what we know about JFK's lifestyle, it would be easy to assume that the figure in the photo is JFK.

The bottom line, for those that just can't see themselves going to TMZ ... the photo wasn't "Photoshopped." The print is probably a good but old copy from the original. So far so good. But, it's not JFK. Some comments that I have received have accused Prof. Sedlik of confirmation bias. I wouldn't go that far. There's no way of knowing what's lying on the edit room floor. I've had my own problems with being taken out of context and having words twisted and edited to fit a preconceived story-line (not with TMZ but elsewhere).

In the end, Playboy confirmed that the photo is authentic, that it ran in the magazine (in colour) in 1967, and that the people in the scene are models.


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