Thursday, December 17, 2009

SMICT standard?

"Hey Jim, I came across this acronym (SMICT) the other day, but I can't find a reference. It deals with video. Can you help?"

Sure. How's this?

CCTV Surveillance: Analog and Digital Video Practices and Technology, Second Edition by Herman Kruegle

" SMICT Standard
The super motion image compression technology (SMICT) standard has almost the same characteristics of H.264. Based on redundancy in motion, it combines digital signal processing (DSP) hardware compression, with CPU software compression. Utilizing an intelligent nonlinear super motion CODEC, SMICT intelligently analyzes the motion changes in the scene that occurred within the frame, eliminates the redundant portion of the image that need not be stored, and compresses the delta (or change) based on motion."

Eliminates ... compresses ... sounds like a winner ...

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