Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Targeted Adjustment Tool

"Hey Jim, what's this new little icon on the Camera Raw tool bar?"

The button in question activates the Targeted Adjustment tool. This tool, brought over from Lightroom, makes it easy to adjust images with just a few mouse clicks.

Click and hold the button and you'll find a hidden drop down menu listing a few choices. In my example, I wanted to increase the "drama" of the clouds over this shot of the US Capitol building - taken during my walking tour of D.C. this morning.

I selected Luminance, then used the tool to click on the blue area of the cloudy sky. Holding the mouse button I dragged down (decrease) and up (increase) - using the monitor as my guide to when the image as "just so." You can watch the parameter sliders change as you drag the mouse.

The five selections available give you amazing and quick control over your edits. It's just another reason why I love Adobe Camera Raw.

Try it an see ...

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