Monday, December 21, 2009

Body worn cameras making headlines

From the San Jose Mercury News:

San Jose police, under fire for interactions with the public that have turned violent, on Friday launched a pilot project equipping officers with head-mounted cameras to record contacts with civilians.

Officers will activate the cameras, about the size of a Bluetooth device and attached by a headband above the ear, every time they respond or make contact with a person. At the end of the officer's shift, the recording will be downloaded to a central server.
Chief Rob Davis said the devices, to be tested by 18 patrol officers, are a technological advance comparable to the advent of police cars, two-way radios and the 911 emergency system.

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From the Globe and Mail:

Wearing video cameras will be routine for Vancouver police officers in the next few years, says the police chief in Canada's third-largest city.

Chief Constable Jim Chu says he favours the idea, suggesting it would be the ultimate means of preserving the truth in incidents that draw police attention.

“This is a new world. Ten years ago, you would never see video. Now you're going to see it all the time,” Chief Chu said in an interview.

“I'll give you the future: Officers will be wearing body cameras.”

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