Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Virtual CCTV meeting

From Info4Security:

Want to log on, walk through your virtual Control Room and have live discussions with contractors and consultants while trying out design changes? Lambert & Associates will be showing you how TODAY!

How would you like to drop in at any time and walk around your new CCTV Control Room, even if that space is only a figment of your imagination scribbled on a napkin?

CCTV consultant Simon Lambert has built a programme that will let you do just that.

“The Internet and computer graphics available to us all now put amazing free tools within easy reach,” explained Lambert, whose company is a member of the Association of Security Consultants. “The example Control Room that I built (pictured, which shows Lambert's 'avatar' in the virtual space) in a so-called ‘virtual world’ allows clients, end users, contractors and consultants, etc to visit via the Internet for walk-throughs and hold live discussions. They can try out design changes there and then. When people can conduct the design phase at their own desks the costs of travel and time are saved.”

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