Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photo-Facial Comparison and Analysis

Photo-Facial Comparison and Analysis
By Barbara Martin Bailey at Forensic Magazine

Photo-facial comparison can be a useful identification tool, helping to determine whether two or more images are of separate persons or one and the same. The method can be used to compare photographs taken over an extended period of time as often happens with wanted fugitives, or over a limited time period such as the interval between bank robberies.

This article illustrates the process of facial imaging—the analysis and comparison of points of reference which can be utilized by a forensic artist who is familiar with laboratory workings, court testimony, and the process by which conclusions are drawn. With some time, effort, and knowledge of facial features and imaging, this process can be utilized by law enforcement agencies big and small (in manpower and budget) as another investigative aid to advance a cold investigation.

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