Monday, August 24, 2009

Sending files by e-mail

A reader writes in about the frustration of IT departments and file size limitations. It seems that he's trying to e-mail some images to an attorney, but the low file size limitation is keeping him from doing so. Not to worry. There's a simple solution in Photoshop (of course).

As long as you know what the size limit is, you can target for it. Here's how.

Click on File>Save for Web & Devices.

When the dialog box pops up, click on the fly-out menu and choose Optimize to File Size.

Then enter your desired file size and click OK.

Once selected, just click on Save.

Just remember, Optimization reduces file size - and it also affects quality. So don't do this with your evidence files, just in the demonstration files sent through e-mail.

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Larry C. said...

Alternatively, print to or save as PDF and use "smallest file size". You'll be amazed at the size & quality. Again, for demonstration purposes only.