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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camera Questions

I get a lot of camera questions in my inbox each day. Many folks are upgrading or getting a new piece of gear and want honest opinions before they drop a huge chunk of change. Some folks are brand loyal, but see a feature set on another company's product and want to make the jump, but have no experience with the company. Regardless of the reason, folks just want honest and accurate information on which to base their decision.

I've received a few requests for info on the Nikon D700. I'm not a Nikon guy. I've got a bag full of Fuji and Canon products. That's just me. There's nothing wrong with Nikon, I've just been using Fuji and Canon for my own reasons. As an example, our tests show that Fuji is the best at accurately reproducing blues and greens (and some of my largest clients feature those colours prominently - so I want to get it right).

If you are looking for Nikon info, your best source is the Nikonians. If you like your info in book form, check out Mastering the Nikon D700 by Darrell Young (Planet Nikon's DigitalDarrell) and James Johnson. The book is a joint venture between the Nikonians and Rocky Nook. It's a great book that goes way beyond the user's guide - even branching out into discussions on accessories.

If you want rich insight into the camera - with some crazy tips that you won't find anywhere else, combined with clear illustrations and to the point directions - then Mastering the Nikon D700 is the book for you. For me, I like the fact that the authors focus not only on the what, but also the how and the why of the product's features (you know I like all things what-how-why). A must if you are planning on using this camera for crime scene or forensic photography.

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