Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buying Photoshop at a discount

Adobe has many discount programs. Government agencies can buy Photoshop CS4 Extended at a reduced price. So can students, NAPP, and PPA members. Yes, it still a bit pricy ... but its well worth the expense.

Chances are, however, if you buy "New - Unopened Photoshop" on eBay for $49.95 plus shipping, it's going to be a bogus copy, as one reader found out.

(image courtesy of

The reader asked my advice on what to do. Do you think that the pictured disc is legit? Would you put this tool into your forensic workflow? Needless to say, I referred him to the folks at Adobe that handle piracy.

A legit version of Photoshop for $50? If it's too good to be true ...


Steve Kalman said...

That PS 6.0 could easily be legitimate, leftover stock. Don't forget, the sequence went

PS6, PS7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4

(If I remember correctly; I've been upgrading for years).

PS6/7 are no longer on the upgrade path. That said, $50 might well be too much to pay for even a legitimate, but dusty copy.

Jim Hoerricks said...

I'm aware of the versioning. This one is bonafide "warez."