Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's Rosetta Mode?

A reader writes in to ask a question, "what's Rosetta?" He was attempting to use some older plug-ins and the manufacturer recommended opening Photoshop in Rosetta.

Rosetta is an emulation mode meant to facilitate the transition from the older PowerPC Macs to the new Intel based Macs. It's a Mac-only issue. Plug-ins that require you to run in Rosetta haven't been updated to run "native" on Intel based Macs.

Running Photoshop in Rosetta is slower, so I don't recommend using this unless you absolutely have to. The issue, again, mainly affects older products. If you've bought a new Intel based Mac and have new versions of Photoshop and your plug-ins, then you shouldn't have to worry at all about Rosetta.


Anonymous said...

Except for Epson, who has created a driver for the Perfection 2450 scanner that runs only in rosetta mode. They don't offer a different version. Obviously Epson feels a 3-4 year old scanner is too old to maintain drivers for it. That's sad, since the scanner works just fine for me.

Flo said...

same for me. I own an Epson scanner and since I use the Rosetta mode, Photoshop crashes about 5 times out of 6 (no kidding)whenever I attempt to save a file. That sucks... :(

LouLou said...

yep, same here. Old Epson scanner that works just fine. :(

Anonymous said...

I just found this after..... looking for new epson drivers for my scanner.

Too bad, maybe we should all go buy non-epson scanners.

It does run outside of Photoshop. Kind of hassle though.

Anonymous said...

I have an old Canon CanoScan -- same issue -- I don't think anyone cares about updating drivers. Good old planned obsolescence.

Anonymous said...

Same here with a Perfection EPSON scanner . . . . BAD customer service from EPSON