Thursday, June 18, 2009

FaceGen - create 3D faces for investigative work

I came across an interesting tool for generating facial images. FaceGen from Singular Inversions is an easy way to generate 3D faces.

You can start with a randomly generated face, or if you know gender, age, and race, you can get a little more specific with your starting point.

You can adjust facial hair, colouration, and an incredible amount of specific details.

You can even bounce your creation off of a randomly generated set of sample images.

You keep fine tuning your image with a maddening number of tabs and sliders.

I think that you'll like playing with this unique program. The full functioning demo is free, but it puts the SI watermark on the forehead. The license fee is cheap at $299. It's Windows only, but it runs fine in a virtual environment. It does rely heavily on the GPU, so if you're not running on a dedicated GPU, it may run a bit slow.

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