Thursday, June 4, 2009

File Utilities

I recently sent some files to a friend. In the PC world, you just "zip" them up and send them off. In the Mac world, you "stuff" them. My friend with the PC hadn't seen the .sitx file extension before. So I sent the link to the free Stuffit Expander for PC.

Mac users know Stuffit. I've used it for years. The latest updates to the software make it even better.

Surprisingly, you can find it in the CheckIt 2 System Performance Suite. This SmithMicro suite includes
  • TechTool Platinum 4.6.2
  • Spring Cleaning 10
  • Retrospect Express
  • ExecutiveSync
  • Stuffit Standard 2009
I'm a big fan of both Stuffit and TechTool, and now I can get them in a bundle. Pretty cool. SmithMicro throws in the other pieces to sweeten the deal. Spring Cleaning, with its digital shredder, is handy, but the others are rendered useless by my use of Apple's TimeMachine and MobileMe.

Still and all, it's a decent and convenient bundle. I just wish that the bundle included TechTool 5 Pro. Wishful thinking, considering that TechTool 5 Pro is a dollar cheaper than the bundle.

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