Friday, March 27, 2009

What did I click?

What did I click? How did I get this menu? How do I get it back?

Looks like you found one of Photoshop's hidden gems. It's a handy feature available from the status bar in Windows, or the bottom of the document in MacOS. With it, you can choose from a number of display options.
  • Version Cue lets you know if the document is managed or unmanaged.
  • Document Sizes lets you know the size (in MB) of the document.
  • Document Profile lists the current profile, eg. ProPhotoRGB.
  • Document Dimensions lists the pixels X, pixels Y, and the PPI.
  • Measurement Scale shows 1 pixel = ? for your document.
  • Scratch Sizes lists how big the file is currently/how much space is left to work in.
  • Efficiency lists how efficiently Photoshop is using the available resources. If the figure drops below 100%, Photoshop is using the scratch disks.
  • Timing lets you know how long your last task took and at what efficiency Photoshop performed.
  • Current tool lists the currently loaded tool.
  • 32-bit exposure loads an exposure slider (32-bit mode only).

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