Friday, March 13, 2009

Version Cue

In previous posts and in class, I've mentioned that I choose not to install Version Cue. I've given reasons like working alone and the fact that its a bit of a resource hog. A reader wrote in to point out some of the benefits available to solo workers (and everyone for that matter), so I'll happily pass them along.
  • helps manage different versions of a file
  • helps maintain the file's history
  • helps in file security
  • helps back-up and restore entire projects
All of these are cool features, but they come at a cost. There's the aforementioned resource issue. There's also the discovery issue. If you've made different versions of a file, why ... where are they ... and are they all discoverable? If you activate the History Log, is that file discoverable? Do you want it to be?

These are all issues brought up when using a creative tool in forensic work. Not everything is appropriate for our use. New software needs to be validated and checked against your agency's SOPs and applicable law before being put into play with case work.

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