Friday, March 27, 2009


"I looked up gaussian on the net. All I could find out about it had to do with statistics and bell curves. What gives? How am I supposed to answer questions about Photoshop if I can't find the info on basic functions like this?" - an anonymous comment

At the risk of insulting the physics and stats pros out there, simply put "gaussian" refers to the bell-shaped curve that Photoshop uses for its internal calculations when applying weighted averages to pixels.

For more info, check out any one of Dr. John Russ' books on imaging.


Ī£mpire Photography said...

There is this:

Jim Hoerricks said...

very cool. thanks for the tip. :-)

fredricktoo said...

when Ben Weiss was 18 he was programming filters for Photoshop which became Kai Krause's first set of Power tools. While still in college he had made enough money to buy a Ferrari which his dad drove him to school in.

the above link is for some computer imaging math Ben's been doing.


Jim Hoerricks said...

who would have thought ... :-0
Thanks for your input.

fredricktoo said...

sorry I left out the part where we may begin to see Weissian in our filters listings. I know Adobe integrated a lot of his work into the program. Lawsuits were file naturally ;-)

Great blog!