Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three cheers for Bento 2!

Lost in the roar of the CS4 crowd is the release of Bento 2. I've had my hands on the new version of Bento for a little while now and I like what they've done in the way of improvements.

One really cool feature is part of the address field functionality. It now contains a little button that when clicked, takes you to Google maps ... and the location that's listed in the address field of your database. How cool is that? No programming necessary.

So, as an example, I've got a super secret meeting related to the next phase of development of the Forensic Photoshop brand this morning. I've put the info into Bento 2 ... contact, schedule, etc. All I have to do is click on the Display Map control within Bento 2 and ... viola ... up pops Google maps. From there, I can get driving directions and so forth.

The good folks at FileMaker have really impressed me with the level of service and support that they are giving this little, but powerful app.

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