Friday, October 3, 2008

Need CCTV help? Call the Doktor!

When I see that companies are "getting it," I like to do a little feature on them and their work. So often, we see the results of folks that just don't get it. In the world of CCTV, the people that don't get it far outnumber the people that do.

Doktor Jon is a reader of the blog and has contributed a few comments here and there. The good Doktor is one of the folks who understand CCTV and how to make it work effectively. Jon has a new service that he's offering called VIPER - short for Video Image Performance Evaluation Report. It's a service whose time has come.

Here's the short of it: you are a business owner with a CCTV system. You have no idea if it's worthwhile or fit to purpose. You grab a few stills from the various cameras and send them to Jon.  He takes a look at them to see if easy improvements can be made with your existing infrastructure and so forth and issues you a comprehensive report / recommendations. 

Quite a service for such a reasonable fee. So, if you need help with your CCTV installation ... call the Doktor.

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Doktor Jon said...

What can I say Jim?

You're far too kind!

I may have a bit of a problem explaining to Mrs DJ why I'm blushing bright red at the moment :-))

I'll certainly keep you posted on future developments

Kind regards