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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday morning wrap-up

Here's a few items of note to wrap-up the week.

1. Software Cinema is having a sale and offering up to 50% off a bunch of titles ... including Working with Adjustment Layers by Katrin Eismann. Use promo code SCW1008A at check-out to get your discount. The sale ends on Nov. 1, so hurry and check out this great deal.

2. A reader sent me a link to a product called Fast Video Indexer. It's an interesting take on frame capturing from digital files. Running it in a virtual window caused memory problems, but it ran fine on a native Windows install. To get every frame of video out of an AVI file as a BMP file, make sure to set the "start after" value to 0 and the "save every" time to 0. You'll also need to set the file type to BMP from the default JPEG. If you are having codec problems, there's even a helpful page to help you sort this out as well. It's certainly not a replacement for DVR dCoder or VFSource, but for $34.50, it's not a bad tool to have around.

Enjoy the weekend.

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