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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Monetizing your hobby

Several of us go out and shoot events in our spare time. Friends come to us and ask us to shoot their weddings, birthdays, ball games, and so forth. We've spent so much money on our gear, and invested a ton in our training ... why not go out and lend a hand.

Many of the events can not afford a photographer, so how do you recoup your costs? Do you put out a tip jar? There is an easier way ... SmugMug.

Check out Vince Gervasi Photography. Vince was a few years behind me in high school. Fast forward to a month ago and Vince was shooting my 20 year reunion. His model is simple, efficient, and brilliant. Put the photos up on his site, which is powered by SmugMug, and let those that are interested in the photos purchase their favourites. You may end up with a larger take from the event (vs. a flat fee) when you spread out the income stream in this way.

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