Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ABA News for privateers

The American Bar Association's Section of Science & Technology (ABA Scitech) recently put a resolution forward at their House of Delegates to discourage states from requiring private investigator licenses for computer forensics. This is good news for privateers.

They note correctly (in my humble opinion) that computer forensic examiners should be certified within their discipline and that there is a significant difference between traditional private investigators and computer forensic examiners.

There is significant cross-over between computer forensics and image forensics. Often times, we are tasked with retrieving the relevant data from computer based systems. Many of the techniques employed mirror those of computer forensics. I've watched with great interest as states like Texas and Michigan put the requirement into law. Other states with similar requirements include Illinois, Georgia, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. North Carolina has a law addressing this issue pending approval.

Check it out for yourself. Remember, this effects privateers only ... not law enforcement. But, if you are transitioning from LE to a private practice, it helps to know the law as it will apply to your new career.

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